Fall 2003 Trip to Traverse City & Mackinac Island Michigan.

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      Winston, Webster & Ginger went to Traverse City & Mackinac Island, Michigan this fall.  It was Ginger's first vacation (other than to see family), so we tried to let her have a lot of fun.  We found a dress on our trip that she wore out to the island.  Because of the dress she had a lot of attention and about 20 people wanted to take a picture with her. 

      Mackinac Island is a historic island where no cars are allowed, only horses.  We all had fun walking around town, riding the horse drawn taxis and then later walking through the woods. 

      The first 2 pictures are of the bostons at Mission Point near Traverse City, Michigan.  They all went off leash and had fun walking around in the shallow water.

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